Bite of TO is dedicated to bringing you the best food that Toronto (and neighbouring cities) has to offer.

Whether you’re a local Torontonian or a tourist who’s looking to explore the beautiful city of Toronto, we are here to help you hunt down the best places to eat in town!

The beauty of Toronto is we are known to be one of the most diversified cities in the world. That means we are fortunate to have access to a list of best restaurants allowing us to experience a variety of cuisines inspired by different countries around the world.

Whenever you’re craving for the most popular Asian, Indian, Caribbean, European, or home to North American dishes, Bite of TO has you covered!

We realize that finding the best cuisines and places to eat isn’t easy because let’s face it, not everything is a “one-size” fits all – and that can be very frustrating!

We all grew up differently. Everyone comes from different cultures and have different taste buds, so we all have our own preferences when it comes to what we define as “good-tasting” finger-licking foods.

Some like their food with extra spice and numbness packed with intense flavours. While others prefer their food with no spice, less spice, or lighter flavours.

We also have those seeking vegetarian options and sometimes go to the next level with vegan options. Then we have the meat lovers who prefer to go all out on the meat.

Now let’s talk about the extreme picky eaters.

We know there are picky eaters who are all about taste, experience, and heavy calories. They don’t care how unhealthy it is, so they don’t feel guilty at all – YOLO!

On the other end of the spectrum, we have picky eaters who make all their food choices based on ingredients and healthy eating. These health-conscious people try to eat as healthy as possible and maybe limit their guilty pleasures to 1-2 times a week – if any.

Not only that, but some only care about price and look for the cheapest foods. Whereas others don’t mind paying as long as the quality and experience justifies it.

As you can see, you just can’t satisfy everyone because no one person is the same when it comes to choosing “the best” foods.

But here’s how we can help you find and choose the best places to eat in Toronto that will suit your taste buds…


About Us

We’re a team of three who loves to explore and eat within the city, and all of us are different – and we mean VERY different – when it comes to choosing foods and different types of cuisines we love to pig out on!

Come and meet our team!



Rui loves a good balance and is all about hunting for the best value. He is also willing to pay a premium for good food as long as the taste and experience justifies.

What we can say is he’s pretty much the fine balance of everyone on this team, but what makes him different is he appreciates every bite of his food and is open to trying new and exotic items, minus the Fear Factor part.

He isn’t the extremist who leans towards “too healthy” or “too dirty”. He doesn’t strictly go for the “cheapest” or “most upscale”. This guy can go either way or in between and still give you the most unbiased opinion. Just feed this hangry hippo with some really good food and he won’t eat you alive!

Interesting fact: Rui goes HANGRY when his stomach is empty.

Foods he will NEVER try: Anything being served on the “Fear Factor” show.

Favourite Food: Sushi, BBQ, Burgers, Pizza, Poutines, Tacos, Pad Thai, Poke Bowls, Chicken Wings, Medium rare steak, Pho, Butter Chicken, Fried Chicken, and many more!


bite of to-bonnie

Bonnie is a picky eater but in a different way.

She gives herself only 1-2 cheat days per week and is extremely picky at choosing only the best-tasting meals, appetizers, drinks and/or desserts. She will never waste her time on subpar meals with bad calories and no nutritional benefits for this special day, so you can imagine how selective and intentional she is when deciding what to eat on her “go-all-out” days!

Interesting fact: Don’t fall for Bonnie when she asks, “Can I just have one bite?” or “Can I just have a sip of your drink?” As soon as you say yes, half your plate and drink will be gone.

Foods she will never try: Insect skewers

Favourite food: Walnuts, Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, all Berries, Broccoli, Avocados, Wild salmon, Durian, Burrito and Poke Bowls, Dim Sum, any Asian Noodles with Soup, all kinds of Burgers, Sushi, Pistachio and Nutella Gelato, Bubble Tea, Black Sesame Soup, and any type of Desserts.